Art project "Abstract Impression" in oil and mixed media techniques: 
abstract and landscape paintings on canvas or on wood panels

I started the art project "Abstract Impression" parallel to my other art projects. My abstract and abstract landscape pictures are inspired by nature and are complemented by my imagination and my own emotions in the picture. Landscapes are not depicted realistically in my pictures, but are inspired by real places. This art project is developed with oil paints and cold wax or in the mixed media painting technique on canvases or wooden panels. My Contemporary works of art are mostly made in large formats on canvases and do not need a frame, as the edges of the pictures are painted.





The "Realistic Landscapes" art project was developed using two different painting techniques: oil painting and encaustic .

Encaustic (encaustic) is the oldest (over 3000 years old) painting technique, also known as the technique for Fayum mummy portraits. Encaustic is a Greek word (encausticos) meaning "to heat or burn". Heat is used throughout the process: from melting the beeswax with the dammar lacquer and color pigments to fusing the layers of wax onto the wooden panel.

I started this project in 2013 and mainly used it for landscapes: sea, waterfalls, mountains, fields. With this technique it is possible to reproduce the deep and large-scale texture of the natural elements.

The works of art in encaustic do not require any special care and are resistant to light and sun.



I am inspired by the Swiss Alps and I use oil paints, cold wax and color pigments (blue, grey, green, white) to reflect these generous mountains in my mountain paintings.