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" If your picture is clear to you, you don't have to paint it "                                                                                 Salvador Dali

About me and my art

Painting has been my favorite pastime since childhood. At the age of 4, it gave me great pleasure, apart from my own drawings, to precisely copy works of art by world-famous masters of painting. It was easy for me to bring back the realism in my paintings and drawings because I intuitively felt the proportions, color combinations and perspectives. Later, visiting art museums, I studied the secrets of painting from old masters and learned painting techniques from art books. That was my first art school. 

After graduating from university (Economics and Finance), I graduated from the Art International School in Moscow, majoring in Art History.


In my abstract, figurative or landscape paintings, I strive to reflect my feelings and emotions that I feel in the moment and time involved. I am not limiting myself to just one subject or theory. With my works of art, I try to convey the beauty and power of nature, people and the world around them to the viewer in details, in reflection, in movement or in quiet statics.


After independently studying all known painting techniques from watercolor to acrylic and oil painting through experiments with art materials, I choose the subjects and styles of my paintings to suit specific art projects. This can be from figurative to abstract art style. A special painting technique that I treasure and that has existed for 3000 years is encaustic (encaustic), which means "hot wax painting" in Greek. I mostly use this painting technique for my landscape paintings.


With my art project "Abstract is Reality", I would like to address art investors as well as the general public. My paintings in impressionistic and abstract style fit perfectly in living rooms, as interior decoration in offices, in hotels and other public spaces as well as art investments for the discerning public, art collectors and art investors. In addition to the traditional oil painting technique, I also use other mixed media art materials such as cold wax for my abstract paintings to enhance the effect of my painting. This allows not only to achieve a harmonious combination of different oil colors and smooth transitions of their halftones, but also a slightly shimmering 3D effect.


I find inspiration for my artworks in nature, phenomena, moods and feelings of people, my fantasies, reflections or nostalgia, but I also want to give everyone the opportunity to see their unique world in my paintings. .

Curriculum vitae and artistic work experience

2011 - present
2004 -2011

2001 - 2004
1998 - 2004
1994 - 1998
since 1991 

1988 - 1992
1978 - 1988

since 1975

March 1971

independent Swiss artist

Designer at ArtEL Carpet, interior designer, fashion designer

Move to Switzerland

International Art & Design Academy (studies)

Art Designer at Kilimai Carpet (Lithuania)

Financial specialist at the bank


Economic & Finance University (Minsk)

Primary school,  Gymnasium studies (Minsk)

self-taught painter

Born in Minsk (Belarus)


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