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... about me, my art studio, painting techniques and my abstract, landscapes and figurative pictures

Since I was a child, painting has always been my favorite activity. Apart from my own works, it gave me great pleasure to precisely copy artworks of world-famous masters of painting. It came easy to me to represent realism in my pictures and drawings, because I intuitively felt the proportions, color combinations and perspectives. Later, while visiting art museums, I studied the secrets of painting by old masters and I learned about painting techniques through art books. That was my first art academy that I had. After finishing university with an Economics and Finance degree, I graduated from Art International School in Moscow with a focus on art history.

In my abstract, figurative or landscape paintings, I strive to reproduce my feelings and emotions that I feel at the moment. I do not limit myself to just one theme or one theory. With my painting, I try to convey to the viewer the beauty and power of nature, people, and the world around them in detail, reflection, movement, or statics.


After I have studied all known painting techniques from watercolor to acrylic and oil painting independently through experiments with art materials, I choose the themes and styles of my pictures to match specific art projects. This can be from figurative to abstract art style. A special and my valued painting technique that has existed for 3000 years is encaustic, which means “hot wax painting” in Greek. I mostly use this technique for my landscape artworks.


With my art project "Abstract is Reality" I would like to address art investors and the public. My paintings in impressionistic and abstract style fit ideally in living rooms, as interior decoration in offices, in hotels, and other public spaces, and as an art investment for the discerning public, art collectors, and business people.  In addition to the traditional oil painting technique, I also use other mixed media art materials such as cold wax for my abstract paintings to enhance the effect of my painting. It not only enables to achieve a harmonious combination of different paint colors and smooth transitions of their halftones but gives it a slightly shimmering 3D effect.


I find inspiration for my works in nature, phenomena, moods, and feelings of people, my fantasies, reflections, or nostalgia. However, I also want to allow everyone to see their unique world in my paintings.


Abstrakt Landschaftsbilder Künstler Kunstatelier Zürich Schweiz

"If your picture is clear to you in advance, you don't have to paint it"
                                                                                                                                            Salvador Dali